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Financial Analyst Program- Covers Investment Banking & Mortage

What skills are required for financial analysis?

Financial analyst role demands a very strong and specific set of skills, so that you can perform the required analysis of the information regarding investment plans for your client-companies. Here they are:/p>

  • Complex problem solving – As FA you need to be able to resolve any issue that comes your way and find a suitable solution for your client.
  • Mathematics – normally, As FA the way in which you solve a problem is via math.
  • System analysis – As FA you need to be able to identify how a system works and, also, how it needs to be changed in order to get better results.
  • Persuasion – As FA, giving the fact that you will be basically pitching ideas to your clients about their financial investment, you need to be persuasive.
  • Decision making – As FA, a very strong skill you must possess. Taking into consideration factors such as costs and benefits of potential actions, you have to be able to choose the right one.
  • Negotiation – As FA, pleading your case and trying to get most out of a situation is part of the job also.
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