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Business Analyst Job Opportunity

In today’s fast-moving market scenario, the role of a Business Analyst (BA) leads to greater value to an organization – a BA is a specialised capable of functioning competently in diverse roles.

Outsourcing has become a mainstay in our global economy in IT industry. Large corporations reduce their operation costs by seeking out the same work quality at lower costs. By outsourcing projects, a distance between the business owners and the vendors are created, creating the need for higher quality work and more precise analysis, including creation of documents and functional specifications, has risen. With this requirement, an increasing demand for business analysts can be witnessed in our information economy.

Added to this, in a competitive economic landscape, business bodies strive to improve their business process and reduce costs - Business Analysts are at the center of most of these initiatives.

A Lucrative Career, List of BA Job Roles

1. Position: The Business Analyst Role

An analyst who has very strong business skills and understanding of the business domain and who is generally specialized in a given industry domain or vertical market. The key role of this analyst is to analyze the business processes, procedures, organization structure, etc. in order to identify problems and determine solutions. Generally, the solutions created by this analyst are in the form of new or modified business processes, new or modified procedures, etc.
In addition to “business analyst”, some of the job titles commonly used for this role are: business consultant, management consultant, etc
Please note that “business analyst” term used in a more generic sense for many other roles and, as a result, is the source of all kinds of confusion and misinterpretation.

2. Position: The Business Process Analyst Role

The Business Process Analyst is more of a specialization of the “business analyst” role. This is the professional who is commonly associated with the recent buzz around Business Process Management as well as SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) combined with workflow/business process modeling systems.
Business Process Analyst,
  • » Models business process
  • » Simulates business process
  • » Uses workflow design and process engines
  • » Compares “as-is” and “to-be” models of system
  • 3. Position: An IT Business Analyst Role

    While this role is still maturing, the business process analyst is a modeler of business processes. This is the guy or gal who uses the process/workflow software to create process models which can be simulated, analyzed, and even executed directly by the business. The business process analysts help the business executives in decision making by modeling/simulating “what-if” scenarios.
    IT Business Analyst,
  • » Focused on technical requirements
  • » Solves problems with IT feasible solutions
  • » Bridge between business and IT vendors
  • » Performs functional design & Technical Design

  • Other common titles for this role are: Business Process Engineer, Workflow Engineer, Business Process Modeler, Business Analyst (generic term), etc

    4. Position: The Requirements Engineer Role

    Requirements Engineer which is often used interchangeably with the IT Business Analyst though many people see this role as limited to requirements gathering and documentation. But reality is that there are no industry standards for the scope of the requirements engineer.
    From our experience, the role that sits somewhere in between the IT business analyst and systems analyst.
    The requirements engineer is charged with working along project stakeholders and end users to elicit, understand, analyze, and document the requirements for a system in order to solve a given business problem.
    Other common titles for this role are: Requirements Analyst, Functional Architect, Business Systems Analyst, Business Analyst (generic term), etc.

    5. Position: The Business Systems Analyst Role

    Business Systems Analyst title is most commonly used to refer to the analysis professional whose responsibilities start with requirements gathering and end with functional/technical specs.
    For the most part “Business Systems Analyst” = “IT Business Analyst” + “Systems Analyst”. Experienced Business Systems Analysts have both strong business domain knowledge and extensive competencies in systems analysis and design. Other common titles for this role are: Requirements Engineer, IT Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Business Analyst (generic term), etc.

    6. Position: The Systems Analyst Role

    The Systems Analyst is an “IT Business Analyst” who is more focused on system design and the technical aspects of the solution. The systems analyst’s role are system solution centric (does not generally participate in the requirements gathering process) and is involved in the creation of functional and technical specifications. This is the professional who, once requirements are clearly defined, creates the functional solution and, by working with the technical team (architect and developers), creates technical specifications and designs.
    Other common titles for this role are: Systems Engineer, Business Analyst (generic term), etc.

    7. Position: The Data Analyst Role

    The Data Analyst is the professional who focus of analysis and problem solving relates to data, types of data, relationships among data elements within a business system or IT system.
    The data analyst role can vary but it can commonly involve the following:
  • » Documenting the types and structure of the business data (logical modeling),
  • » Analyzing and mining business data to identify patterns and correlations among the various data points,
  • » Mapping and tracing data from system to system in order to solve a given business or system problem,
  • » Design and create data reports and reporting tools to help business executives in their decision making,
  • » Perform statistical analysis of business data.

  • Other common titles for this role are: Data Modeler, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Warehouse Analyst, Systems Analyst, Business Analyst (generic term), etc.

    8. Position: The Functional Architect Role

    The role of the Functional Architect is a combination of Business Analyst, Product Manager, and Usability/UX Analyst. On many projects the FA is the Logical Solution owner who works along side the technical architect to design the functional behavior of a system. This role is very similar to a product manager except that the functional architect is generally not concerned with all of the product management tasks such as release management, time to market, etc.
    This role is very similar to a Business Analyst except that, even on larger, projects there is only one FA on a project who is concerned with the overall vision of the product, functions, and features of an application. Whereas the job of the Business Analyst is to get into the details the Functional Architect tends to remain at the high/conceptual level of an application. Other common titles for this role are: Business Analyst, Product Manager, etc.

    9. Position: The Usability/UX Analyst Role

    Usability or UX (User eXperience) Analyst leads to the broad category of professionals who are involved in the interface design or user experience for software applications and websites.
    Analysts who are dedicated specifically to role are concerned with the usability and user experience requirements for a given application. Once those requirements are well understood they create the actual UI designs, mockups, prototypes, or simulations which need to show not just what the user interface will look like but also how the end user will interact with the interface.
    Other common titles for this role are: User Interface (UI) Designer, Web Designer, Usability Professional, User Experience Professional, Interaction Designer, Business Analyst (generic term), etc.

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