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Fortunately, Business English is one of the global languages to learn as compared to most other languages because at a local level, most people are exposed to Business English in one way or another. This language acts as a bridge between two people with different mother tongues not just in India but internationally as well and other prosperous countries with excellent employment opportunities. Business English is their official language and as such it is the case with many other western countries as well.

we have an exclusive ‘Business English’ course which you can take to strengthen your foundations in the language. Business English is a step above spoken English where we touch base with the core fundamentals of English language whilst simultaneously teaching you to readily implement English in regular business usage. We deliver Business English in one month. This course comes highly recommended to those students who feel their language skills are holding them back or those who want to start from basics and improve their foundation of the English language.

The key features of our courses at a glance:

  • Level wise training programs.
  • Need based training.
  • Thorough oral and written practice.
  • Practice material.
  • Confidence boosting.
  • Limited students at class.
  • Wide Vocabulary.
  • Welcome to Velox. We provide Excellent training in various Domains across the industry like IT, Non IT and Management based programs.


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