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Velox is one of the renowned institute in India and the best of its kind, which offers comprehensive online and classroom training programs for Business Analyst, Digital Marketing, .Net, PHP, WEB Design, HR and Spoken English.

Velox attempted to fill the information gap on education abroad. Back then, the only information available on education abroad was through friends and family living or studying abroad. Thus, only a small percentage of interested students had access to information. Velox attempted to fill the information gap. Now when we in 'Team Velox' reflect on the past few years, we see thousands of our students on the thresholds of careers that would not have been possible without the right guidance at the right time.

Velox Team

We, at Velox Academy believe that all our employees are a part of our big, warm, caring and friendly Velox family. The environment at Velox Academy is so vibrant that it energizes the employees to perform their best and grow with us.

The work environment is built on the belief that our happy and satisfied employees form the foundation of our organization. The critical elements of our work culture are teamwork, easy and approachable senior management and tremendous growth opportunities within our team.

Each and every employee of Velox Academy whether a fresher / experienced professional gains a platform to grow within the organization. The close bonding within the employees in developed through the interactive opportunities provided through various programs like outdoor events, seminars etc. We have students globally and our work force which comprises of individuals from varied backgrounds is happy to service them everyday. Velox Academy invites you to be part of vibrant growing team.


More you rely on your preparation, more you succeed. You got to really be passionate and try to prepare more than anyone else, and put yourself in a position to succeed, and when the moment comes you got to enjoy, relax, breathe and rely on your preparation so that you can perform and not be anxious or filled with doubt.

 Business Analyst Associate & Professional                  Average 98.3%

  Digital Marketing / SEO                              Average 87.7%

  Web Application .NET PHP Web Design                  Average 96.6%

 HR Generalist & Spoken English                  Average 81.8%

Welcome to Velox. We provide Excellent training in various Domains across the industry like IT, Non IT and Management based programs.

Our Location
Velox Training Center
#13, 5th main road, 26th Cross,
whitefield, Near ITPL, Bangalore
Karnataka, India

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About Velox

Velox customized program is to provide the training Software Industry with project ready candidates by filling the gap between theoretical knowledge and industry requirement.

Velox is leading Training Group in various Domains across the industry like IT, Non IT and Management based programs. We are in corporate training as well as individual training program to meet our market segments.

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